21 thoughts on “She’s like the Wind

  1. Future Equals Hope

    You can look
    You must not hope
    Hope only if
    Hope if you can fly
    Fly above a storm
    Fly above it’s eye
    Eye it up
    Eye it only from the sky
    Sky is where you’ll be safe
    Sky the only place
    Place on the ground
    Place its power
    Power enough to devour
    Power to much for you
    You would not endure
    You would die
    Die stripped of flesh
    Die death from wind
    Wind not flatulence
    Wind a tornado
    Tornado with its seeking eye
    Tornado nature sweeping
    Sweeping clean
    Sweeping without malice
    Malice a human trait
    Malice with which some rule
    Rule no contemplation of results
    Rule without respect
    Respect forcibly demanded
    Respect no wind recognises
    Recognises not your face
    Recognises no barriers
    Barriers built by man
    Barriers all eroded
    Eroded into sand
    Eroded by wind whipped waves
    Waves oceans moving
    Waves capped in foam
    Foam white clouds
    Foam the froth of madness
    Madness winds unleash
    Madness out of control
    Control natures power
    Control mans lust to kill
    Kill for pleasure
    Kill with no thought of the future
    Future winds of doom
    Future hurricanes

    like a woman scorned
    the winds have no mercy none
    punishing times

    A blitz poem and a haiku, thanks to you, your poem for the inspiration.


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    1. Hi Mick, what a lovely comment! I’m very pleased you’ve been inspired to write such a nice poem and haiku! Thanks so much! You returned a lot of inspiration! Much appreciated!

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